Board of Adjustment

This Board meets as needed to consider variances, appeals and special exceptions to the City’s Zoning Code. Here is the Zoning Map (with aerial background) and here is the Zoning Map (plain). This Board is “quasi-judicial” – This means their decisions cannot be appealed to the City Council, but can be appealed through the Courts. The Board of Adjustment is appointed by the Mayor, and confirmed by the City Council. Terms are 5 years.

For all packets starting April 2020

February 27, 2020 Board Packet

February 13, 2020 Board Packet

December 19, 2019 Board Packet

Kathy Kruger

Term Expires: 07/01/23

April Schaeffer

Term Expires: 07/01/27

Terry Braaksma

Home: 324-3894
Term Expires: 07/01/20

Dave Vande Brake

Term Expires 07/01/21

Lee Reuvers

Term Expires 07/01/20

Dean Van Marel

Office 324-7409
Term Expires 07/01/20

Deanna Wood

Term Expires: 07/01/24

Council Representative

Ken Snyder