SCDC 2016 Boards and Committees


This organization is compiled of representatives from Sheldon who serve to recognize special occasions and honorary visitors to our community. Committee members include: Curt Strouth, Allison Cooke, Scott Wynja, Dennis DeJong, Jan Rolston, Randy Kruse, Skip Tanner, Mike Schmalen, Tracy Meyer, Mark Brown, Mark Rector, Ron Plum, Gail Anderson, Corey Elgersma, Amy Sietstra, Aaron Prewitt, Mark Kleinwolterink, and Melissa Remme.

Annual Meeting Committee:

This is an opportunity for the SCDC Membership to come together to review the activities from the past year and to preview the goals for the upcoming year.  Members are: SCDC Staff

Celebration Days:

This group organizes the events for the annual Celebration Days Festivities over Labor Day weekend and Labor Day.  The committee members: Austin Klett, Kirsten Poage, Jerad Welter,  Meg George, Marcia Klett, Michele Honkomp,Curt Strouth, & Allison Cooke.

Children’s Egg Hunt and Golden Egg Hunt:   Allison Cooke and VNU volunteers stuff the eggs.

Development Committee:

This committee oversees all activity related to the various development properties that the SCDC owns.  The committee members are: Curt Strouth, Brad Hindt, Duane Seehusen, Denny Michels, Ken Murphy, Mike Claar, Aaron Prewitt, Barry Whitsell, Rick Nordahl, & Scott Wynja.

Ladies Day Out:

This committee promotes tourism with the Ladies Day Out Event.  Members are:  Dianne Wolthuizen, Melissa Remme, Ellen Geels, Jan Rolston, Allison Cooke, Michele Honkomp and Tracy Meyer.


This committee designs and implements projects which promote Sheldon to its residents, visitors, and potential new businesses.  Current members of this committee include: Heidi Brown, Ron Plum, Jeri Postma, Jan Rolston, Allison Cooke, Kristin Kolbaum, Lisa Johnson, Niki Cooper, Curt Strouth, Mark Rector, Peter Wagner, Travis Klein, Scott Wynja, April Schaeffer, and Jake Kerr.

Retail Meeting Group:

This group works together to promote retail.  Members are the SCDC Membership.

RLF Board:

Sheldon’s $1,800,000 revolving loan fund portfolio is administered by these financial and legal experts from within the community.  Applications for revolving loan funds are brought to SCDC by any local lending institution.  RLF is designed as a source of gap financing for new or expanding business within a five mile radius of Sheldon.  Members include:  Darrell Burns (Chairperson), Tom Whorley, Lary Rosenboom, Dennis Gorter, Lyle Kuiper, Phil Warnke, Ken Hengeveld, Dan VanGorp, and Curt Strouth.

RIF Storefront/Interior Renovation Committee:

Our Redevelopment Incentive Fund committee, better known as “Storefront Committee” accepts and evaluates applications from property owners wishing to improve the exterior of their buildings as well as the interior now with our new interior renovation program.  Forgivable loan amounts depend on project cost or linear store footage.  Members include:  Frank Luepke (Chairperson), Greg Weppler, Skip Tanner, Debbie Den Hartog, and Kathy Kruger.

Sheldon Home & Design Expo:

This committee coordinates the activities and set-up of the annual Sheldon Home & Design Expo.  Members include: Brad Hindt, Jeri Postma, April Schaefer, Curt Strouth, Michele Honkomp and Allison Cooke.

To request information about joining a committee contact the SCDC office at 712-324-2813.