Sheldon Dollars

Shop Small, Shop Smart, Shop Sheldon. 

​Support your community & shop local! 

​Surprise your loved ones this holiday season with a gift that keeps on giving. 

Sheldon Dollars are just like cash and can only be accepted by SCDC Member Businesses. This is a benefit to Sheldon businesses and the community because...

  • It is easy! Businesses accept Sheldon Dollars just like cash. This benifit allows your loved ones to get exactly what they wanted this holiday season!  
  • Many local businesses purchase Sheldon Dollars throughout the year as incentives, bonuses or gifts for their employees.
  • Sheldon Dollars can only be spent in Sheldon! What a great way to support our local community. 

Did you know that when you as a consumer spend your money at local independent grocers, hardware, printing, or garages, and if these business owners and their employees in turn spend their dollars at local independent restaurants, clothing shops, hair salons, lumber yards etc., those dollars circulate within the community, and the greater sales tax revenues are garnered within our local community. The impact from $1 spent can ripple and multiply 2.5 to 8 times around increasing economic activity closer to home.  Support our Local Small Businesses this Holiday Season and help secure the economic future of these Businesses and our Community!