Museum Board

Museum Board
Meets second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  They are appointed to a three year term.


Millie Vos 
Phone: 324-3235
Term Expires: 07/01/19
Cindy Runger, President 
Phone: 324-4833
Term Expires: 07/01/18
Marlene Pape
Phone: 324-5310
Term Expires: 07/01/19
Mark Poyzer
Phone: 324-3305
Term Expires: 07/01/20
Ron Plum
Term Expires: 07/01/20

Donna Hoadley
Phone: 324-4398
Term Expires:  07/01/20


Tom Whorley
Phone:  324-2313
Term Expires:  07/01/19

Greg Geels