Planning and Zoning Board

This Commission meets as needed.  They are appointed to a five year term. This Board meets as needed to consider rezoning and updates to the City’s Zoning Code. (Here is the Zoning Map). Their decisions can typically be appealed to the City Council. The Planning Commission is appointed by the City Council, per City Code 17.05. Terms are 5 years.

March 25, 2020 P&Z Packet

Here is the link to the Future Land Use Map and Existing Land Use Map.

Mark Kleinwolterink, President

Office: 324-8370
Term Expires: 07/01/24

Myrna Wagner

Term Expires: 07/01/25

Dean Fjeld

Term Expires: 07/01/23

Judy Winkel

Term Expires: 07/01/23

Bailey Elgersma

Term Expires: 07/01/23

Tim Pottebaum

Phone:  324-3550
Term Expires:  07/01/21

Chris Nuckols

(County Appointed)
Term Expires 07/01/18

Council Representative
Dennis Vanden Hull

County Appointed
Term Expires:  07/01/21

Fred Grein

Phone 324-2746
Term Expires 07/01/2022